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05:05pm 10/03/2006
  I'm still alive, there's just so much going on these days. However...


It's still sucky Nextel, but at least I upgraded to the i870. It was time! Anyway, as always gotta run. Later Gatorz!
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Stepping Down   
03:56pm 25/02/2006
mood: anxious
I'm taking a little time away from the whole journaling thing. I know I'm going to be reading people's friends list, but it'll be a few weeks before I give an update. As I have time though, I'll let you all know that I'm still alive!

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Final Exam Prayer   
10:50pm 29/12/2005
  Kinda late, but still funny!

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not flunk;
He keepeth me from lying down when I should be studying.
He leadeth me beside the water cooler for a study break.
He restoreth my faith in study guides.
He leads me to better study habits
For my grade's sake.
Yea, though I walk through the valley of borderline grades,
I will not have a nervous breakdown For Thou art with me.
My prayers and my friends, they comfort me.
Thou givest me answers in moments of blankness;
Thou anointest my head with understanding.
My test paper runneth over with questions I recognize.
Surely passing grades and flying colors shall follow me.
All the days of my examination,
And I shall not have to dwell in this university forever,
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Break out the streamers and party horns!   
10:19am 07/12/2005
mood: excited
It's My Birthday!
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03:20pm 01/12/2005
mood: cold
I really have no idea what to get David this year for Christmas. I need some suggestions and quickly! I mean what do you get for someone who has it ALL and if he doesn't have it, he gets it before you can even get it for him! Boys are just so difficult to buy for!

On a happier note, one more class to go and then it's on to the stressful week of finals. Oh what fun. It's gotten uberly cold here and I am loving every minute of it.
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Excuse Me!   
12:13pm 16/11/2005
mood: excited
This is a public service announcement.....

MY 21st birthday is officially 21 days away!
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11:58pm 10/11/2005
mood: happy
Five years... I can't believe it's been five years since Dennis departed this earth. It seems like just yesterday we were all standing at attention at Legion Field for his memorial. I can remember thinking life would never go on and band would never be the same. Honestly, it never was the same- at least for me it wasn't. But now when I go home and see the band and how they have truly made a change, I am happy for them. It makes me think that even though Dennis is not here physically and even though he didn't work closely with any students that are apart of the highlander band these days, I like to think that his spirit still lives on in those four walls. I truly believe that those dedicated individuals are on their way to those "glory days" that Lake Wales once knew. Congrats and good luck guys on an AWESOME season. You've earned and deserved every minute of it!
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01:58am 09/11/2005
  Slowly... I'm learning who my TRUE friends are...  
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Thanks Emily   
08:38am 01/11/2005
mood: groggy
"distance is not for the fearful, it is for the bold...its for those who are willing to spend a lot of time alone in exchange for a little time with the one they adore...its for those knowing a good thing when they see it, even if they dont see it nearly enough."
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Oh wow   
01:49pm 20/10/2005
mood: cheerful
Back to Lake Wales tonight. This should be fun.......

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Why Me?   
12:40pm 18/10/2005
mood: content
In the twenty years that I have walked this earth I have learned that when I get sick, it's usually because I am stressed out about school or a personal matter. I have been sick for about two weeks now. School is stressing me out to the sky, my personal life is stressing me out to the galaxy. I usually tend to stress out because I don't talk about what's bothering me. I just let it build and build and build. So I guess the question now is, when is it just going to build to the point where I have a break down and either collapse in a bundle of tears OR blow a fuse and explode on the people that are bothering me the most? I have no idea. It's going to take a random comment. I will admit though- I think Katie found the chord last night and if we would have gotten the chance to strike it a little bit more, I would have ended up in tears. But because of an interruption, I was able to keep my cool. ERRRRR! I am so over this.

On a happy note- going home this weekend for FBA. I heard the band did awesome last weekend at competition. It still makes me sad that the scottish unit isn't doing as well as the band though. Oh well, maybe they'll get there act together soon enough. Kayla's birthday is on Saturday and I hear my mom is having a birthday party for her on Sunday. It's hard to believe that little munchkin will be two this year.

Oh yeah- I am desperate guys! I need halloween costume ideas QUICKLY!!!
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Quick Update   
08:32am 15/10/2005
mood: refreshed
I have a secret- too bad I'm only telling a select few of people :) If you feel you are worth of knowing the secret, message or IM me and I'll determine if you're lucky enough.

My computer is PMSing. I had to call Toshiba like four times last night and do a recovery run about 5 times. I lost EVERYTHING, which honestly consisted of just music. Still it hurts...

Tonight we're going to Orlando for Halloween Horror Nights. That should be fun.

I think I'm getting sick... AGAIN!

Chapter meeting was soooo much fun last night. My chapter is trying to get Katie and Tiara to go with us. How great would that be. Now they can truly see what I go through.

Gotta go pack and get situtated. LATER GATORS!
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12:20am 11/10/2005
mood: cranky
I need to get away... far away. FAR FAR AWAY
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Six Months Gone...   
11:52pm 09/10/2005
mood: calm
It is a curious thing, the death of a loved one. We all know that our time in this world is limited, and that eventually all of us will end up underneath some sheet, never to wake up. And yet it is always a surprise when it happens to someone we know. It is like walking up the stairs to your bedroom in the dark, and thinking there is one more stair than there is. Your foot falls down, through the air, and there is a sickly moment of dark surprise as you try and readjust the way you thought of things.
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01:05pm 08/10/2005
mood: happy
I'm in love. I have always been and will always be in love with him.
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Coming To A Close   
11:12am 06/10/2005
mood: awake
Tonight I am finally taking that long anticipated journey back to LW. I haven't been there in about six weeks and I think it's a long over due trip. Already, my weekend is pretty jam packed with stuff I have going on. Friday I have a hair appointment (yay! I'm getting a much needed trim) and then that night is the game (yay! I convinced David that it would behoove him to come). After the game, I'm going to get to hang out with the old band gang. I always look forward to those nights of laughing like crazy.

Saturday I get to run around with Jayda and help her get last minute things situated for the dance. I can't believe my little sissy is growing up so fast! I will post pics of her when I get back. Sunday I was supposed to go the Jags game, but the tickets sold out! What a bummer. For some reason, we're predicted to make a run for the playoffs and now all of a sudden the entire town has Jaguar Fever. But it's fine, b/c Laurie wasn't going to get to cheer this game and it would have sucked not being able to see her. So now I'm not sure if I'm going to come back on Sunday or Monday. I'm sure if my mom had a choice, it would be at the last possible second on Monday. But I'm sure by Sunday, I'll be ready to either come to Jacksonville or Tampa.

Next week is going to be brutal. Three midterms all within 24 hours of each other. This should be fun-fun. Anyway- gotta go get ready for class and finish some last minute packing. LATER GATORS!
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07:38pm 04/10/2005
mood: sick
Katie got me sick. I can't breathe, my nose is runny, thankfully- my throat isn't sore today, I have a yucky cough, I can't stop sneezing... I'm going to KILL my roomie!!!

On a different front- the bug is getting deeper...... (shh! don't tell Katie!)
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I Love This Song   
04:41pm 03/10/2005
mood: My ear hurts!
Firefiles by Faith HillCollapse )
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What A Night   
11:10am 03/10/2005
mood: sick
Run down of the night:
- Checked in at the Scene Shop
- Went to the front lobby and found my boss
- Picked up a walkie-talkie and badge
- Confiscated people's cameras
- Ran the concession stand for a bit
- Ran from one end of the lobby to the opposite
- Moved tables, chairs, and those rope things that hold velvet ropes
- Held open doors
- Passed out a lot of fake smiles
- Ran from one end of the lobby to the other just to keep up with Heather
- Made sure the ushers knew what they were doing
- Kept the VIP's separated from the non VIP's
- Looked for sharpie's
- Kept the chaos to a minimum in the autograph signing area
- Actually got a chance to get autographs myself (the perks of working in the Fine Arts Center)
- Ran from the one end of the lobby to the other still chasing after Heather (I need longer legs)
- Finally cleared out the autograph signing area
- Moved the last few chairs, tables, and rope thingy's (I swear I am going to be a super woman by the end of this)
- Locked up the hall
- Signed out
- Filled out paperwork
- Came back to the room feeling horrible and incredibly cranky...

An angel knew I wasn't feeling good b/c someone left a long stem rose on my desk and a bouquet of flowers on my bed. It really made up for my night. Now I guess I need to go clean. Fun stuff
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It's so pretty outside and I can't go to the beach :(   
12:23pm 02/10/2005
mood: contemplative
This weekend was perfect. Lots of relaxing, shopping, and even a little bit of homework. I guess I needed that before the weekends start to really get going around this place! Today is the Evening of Stars event. I'm looking forward to it, but then again- I'm not. I'm uberly glad that our star gazing assignment got canceled on Saturday night. I mean I wanted to go and get it over with, but then I didn't want to spend my entire Saturday night out watching the stars in the middle of no where with a bunch of astronomy geeks from Jacksonville.

I'm starting to get kind of excited to go home this weekend. I haven't been there in six weeks! That is a record for me! I talked to Zack on Saturday night and he promised me that after the game on Friday night, we're going to go to ihop just like old times. I made him promise me that the entire gang would be there. I think Alena's tombstone, as well as Amber's tombstone are finally in the ground. I know for a fact that Amber's should have been adn possibly Alena's. It's kinda weird, but I'm excited to see the finished product. I think by finally seeing their names etched in stone, it'll bring tons of closure that I am desperate need of.

I feel like cooking, but I'm scared to open my bedroom door because Katie and Steve slept in the living room last night. I just heard sounds coming from Katie and they were not the kind of sounds I would want to walk in on! I'm going to kill that girl!!!!!!
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